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“Aspect's philosophy is simple. 
We bring together many aspects to create one goal
- quality projects delivered on time and budget.
 Peter Bartlett, Director, Aspect
Aspect's promise
  1. Provide certainty on project outcomes. 
  2. Provide sound management of  project risks.
  3. Keep clients fully informed at all times.
  4. Ensure all projects optimise   value for money invested.
  5. Deliver a successful outcome   that exceeds expectations – a quality building completed within budget and on time. 

Aspect is a niche project management and advisory services company that specialises in aged care, senior’s living and property development projects. Aspect de-risks projects and manages the many different aspects involved when undertaking developments to achieve one end goal – the successful delivery of quality buildings on time and budget. 


Client outcomes are maximised through Aspect’s focus on de-risking projects and ability to provide independent advisory and end-to-end services. With budgets ranging from $1M-$200M, Aspect works with aged care organisations on greenfield, brownfield and refurbishment projects, including refurbishment works in live and operational aged care facilities and rural locations.

Aspect can tailor a professional service to suit individual client’s requirements across key market sectors, including seniors’ living, retirement villages, aged care, residential, commercial and industrial.

The Aspect group

Aspect consists of three specialist consultancy services:

  • Aspect Project Managers – undertakes project management and superintendent roles for the approvals, design, construction and handover of buildings and development projects. 

  • Aspect Aged Care Services – offers aged care providers and seniors' living organisations strategic advice on property portfolios, management support to property teams, independent management reporting and consultancy services for new or refurbishment projects.

  • Aspect Executive Management – offers secondment of property executive services and rescue strategies for distressed projects that are running over time or budget. Services can be provided under a short term or ongoing management consultancy agreement.

The synergy between these companies provides clients with a holistic approach to projects, from initial strategic planning advice through to the end delivery of buildings.

A wealth of experience

Founded by Peter Bartlett, a specialist with 37 years’ experience across a range of roles in the development, construction and aged care sectors, Aspect guarantees a transparent and dedicated director hands-on approach.

Peter intuitively understands the challenges faced by builders, developers, D&C contractors and aged care providers through his first-hand experience working in each of these areas. He brings this experience to the table as an independent and transparent consultant to ensure client outcomes are de-risked and maximised. 


Utilising this expertise early on in a project means clients can avoid engaging builders too soon, resulting in significant cost savings.

Peter has also provided key strategic advice to owners of aged care and development property portfolios and has held various Head of Property roles.

Aspect is a Queensland-owned company and provides services Australia-wide.

Contact Aspect today. 



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