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“I provide clients with the combined expertise of a builder, design manager, D&C contractor, ECI manager and aged care executive.
This independent service means clients don't have to 'jump into bed' with a builder too early and can save major costs in the long term.
 Peter Bartlett, Director, Aspect

Aspect Aged Care Services

Aspect Aged Care Services offers strategic advice and specialist management support to aged care providers and senior’s living organisations. This includes property portfolio advice, management support to in-house property teams, independent management reporting and consultancy services for new or refurbishment projects.

In the aged care sector, Aspect's Director, Peter Bartlett, has experience managing property portfolios, portfolio master planning, site appraisals, overseeing new developments, redevelopment of existing sites, refurbishment works in live and operational aged care homes, facilities management and building repairs and maintenance. He is also experienced in the commissioning and start-up of new aged care homes.


Having previously held executive level positions, including Executive for Property and Development with Australia’s largest private for profit aged care organisation, Peter is experienced in achieving site acquisitions, managing challenging council development approvals and designing and delivering numerous signature, state-of-the-art aged care residences.


  • Independent peer reviews and value management evaluations of existing projects, including the management of building refurbishments, staging around existing operations, building repairs and maintenance works. 

  • Providing independent strategic advice and management support on property portfolios, including assistance with strategic planning and identifying/managing project stakeholder objectives, reverse briefings, preparation of design briefs and spatial analysis of floor layouts to maximise building efficiencies.

  • Property team recruitment and development of position descriptions and KPIs.

  • Coordinating development/building approvals and due diligence investigations on facility acquisitions. 

  • Specialist management support at executive or senior management level to undertake project governance roles, covering the coordination of master planning and concept design; management of building contracts, commissioning and handover; establishing facilities management and R&M cost control systems; and managing procurement of furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E).

  • Management of project cost, payment claims, disputes, variations, time delays, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers directly engaged by clients.

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